RATIOTECH is an engineering company with expertise in industrial and safety electronic systems.

In Q4/2023, RATIOTECH enters into a strategic partnership with BOOTLIN, specialist in embedded Linux.


Our Design Office supports you in the development of your complex electronic systems, from the expression of needs to marketing.

Our technical expertise covers demanding analog designs, digital circuits based on FPGAs and high-speed processors, RF transmissions as well as power functions.

Mastery of cross-functional technical areas: signal integrity, EMC and thermal allows us to consolidate our developments across the entire product life cycle and reduce iteration risks.

Our development process is based on our in-depth expertise in the design, manufacturing, qualification and industrialization of electronic systems for industrial and safety applications such as Aeronautics, Space, Medical, Automotive and Energy fields.

The methodologies that we apply make it possible to reduce iteration risks (functional, qualification, industrialization) and to consolidate the execution of projects within a controlled cost and schedule.


Our Expertise department supports you in the management of your existing equipments: analysis and resolution of operational failures, low-yield in production, non-compliance in qualification and malfunction during development.

The Analysis of your electronic boards by Reverse Engineering is carried out by review and study of the technical documentation available supplemented by measurements and tests within our laboratory (electrical measurements, thermal mapping, EMC measurements in near fields).

Signal and Power Integrity analyzes of your fast digital interfaces are carried out by examining your schematics and PCBs (routing, vias, stackup, material) as well as by electromagnetic simulation using 3D solvers.

Our EMC expertise includes normative analyses, architectural studies and conceptual and implementation reviews. We complete the theoretical phase with near-field measurements and conducted / radiated emissions and susceptibilities in approved laboratories.