You have products designed many years ago that gave you and your customers complete satisfaction. Until the appearance of failures in operation, drifts in characteristics or drop in yield in production.
Although you have a complete definition file allowing you to produce, the documentation describing the justification of the technical and technological choices as well as the sizing of the components may sometimes be missing.
We carry out the expertise of your technical files in order to identify the root causes of the problems encountered by carrying out an in-depth review of the elements available.

We can also ensure the drafting, a posteriori, of the material justification files of the cards and electronic systems in order to allow the qualification of material evolution according to aeronautical, automotive or medical standards.

Our measurement and test laboratory allows us to consolidate our theoretical expertise as needed and to validate the proposed solutions: electrical measurements, power, thermal mapping, timings, electromagnetic evaluation in emission and susceptibility and tests in extreme temperatures.
We offer you resolution solutions by favoring modifications with a minimum impact on your parts lists in order to reduce the industrial impact, the risks of requalification or certification as well as the costs incurred.

We intervene at the schematic level, BOM (list of parts), Gerber files and assembly of the components and mechanical plans of your products.


Functional analysis by computational approach and Spice simulation and analog and digital mixed-signal
Study of characteristic margins, search for weak points by Worst-Case and Monte-Carlo study
Verification of thermal operating points and junction temperature, by calculation and simulation

BOM REVIEW (Parts List)

Verification of the technologies and temperature ranges of the components used
Analysis of changes in the characteristics of components following PCN (Part Change Notification) and erratum
Study of risks related to multi-sourcing


Assessment of crosstalk and insulation risks on and between copper layers
Study of current density and temperature rise of power tracks
Verification of component imprints and compliance with the rules of the art