RATIOTECH has concluded, in Q4/2023, a strategic partnership with BOOTLIN, a company specialized in embedded Linux system development.


RATIOTECH and BOOTLIN offer complementary services, and this strategic partnership yields several key advantages for the customers of both companies:

  • Ratiotech benefits from additional embedded software expertise from Bootlin engineers, with a focus on embedded Linux system development.
  • Bootlin gains access to an enriched pool of hardware expertise, facilitating the development of Linux Board Support Packages, platform bring-up, and issue resolution.
  • Bootlin and Ratiotech are now equipped to offer comprehensive product development projects, encompassing both the hardware and embedded Linux operating system, enabling their customers to concentrate on their core applications.

As part of this partnership, Ratiotech will also be co-locating its offices with Bootlin starting early next year, in Colomiers, France. This geographical proximity will further extend the partnership and allow both companies to provide fully integrated combined services to their customers.

In addition to this partnership, Bootlin CEO Thomas Petazzoni and Bootlin COO Alexandre Belloni have acquired 35% of the shares of Ratiotech, providing enough funding to accelerate the development of Ratiotech, to increase its capital up to 20 K€, and to secure the future hires of Ratiotech’s engineering team.

ABOUT RATIOTECH: founded in 2020 by electronic systems development’s veteran Fabien Hue, with over 25 years of experience in the field, Ratiotech offers to its customers engineering and training services in Complex Electronic Design, Safety System Expertise, Signal Integrity and EMC. Ratiotech provides its engineering services in demanding analog and high-speed digital hardware, power electronics, RF and embedded software in aeronautical, medical, automotive, spatial and industrial fields.

ABOUT BOOTLIN: founded in 2004, Bootlin is a world-renowned engineering company specialized in embedded Linux and Linux kernel development. Bootlin helps its customers world-wide through its engineering and training services in building embedded systems based on Linux, by porting Linux to new hardware platforms, developing new drivers, integrating tailored Linux solutions for embedded devices, and training engineers on these topics. Bootlin is a key contributor to the embedded Linux open-source ecosystem, with significant contributions to the Linux kernel, the Yocto Project, Buildroot and other key projects.

If you’re interested in the expertise offered by either Ratiotech or Bootlin, do not hesitate to contact us.